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We are a specialised project delivery service focusing on NDIA funded SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) housing.

With proven project experience in this area we understand not just the complexities of the construction, but every process from land purchase to tenancy to reduce risk in your investment.

Bringing together all of the parties required to complete the construction and meet the strict compliance standards by working with Unify Design you will benefit from our industry connections and partnerships with high quality suppliers. 

Unify Design is excited to work with you in eliminating the huge shortfall of accessible housing.

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Services we manage

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Market Research

Our team has a great understanding of the NDIS SDA Market and will do extensive research to ensure the region that your development is in has enough NDIS SDA funded participants to live in the property now and into the future. 
Another key factor we look at in regional areas is the capability of staff  to make sure the houses can be supported.

Real Estate

Finding the right piece of land is crucial to the success of an SDA development. We can assist in finding the right block for yours through our large network of real estate agents and land developers.

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Architecture / Building Design

Finding the right architect or building designer is crucial to the SDA development process. Very few are competent in accessible design and the SDA design certification and build will be much smoother as a result of using the right designer. Unify Design has a large network of suitable designers experienced in this field.

Interior Design

The SDA market is driven by the NDIS Participants. The participants have the choice of which SDA properties they will live in. Creating beautiful homes will ensure that participants want to live in your property and will minimise vacancies. Interior designers can assist with cabinetry functionality, colours and materials.

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SDA Specifications & product selections

Unify Design will take full control of the product specifications and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that you investment is protected by using top quality hardware and products. We use European hardware Hafele with a range of over 100,000 products we are able to meet compliance and offer quality, choice and life time hardware warranty. All managed by Unify Design.


Our engineering teams will play a big role in particularly in High Physical Support and Robust builds. Unify uses local firms with lots of experience in ceiling hoist installation and general residential engineering.


SDA Assessment - Design Certification

This is a preliminary assessment of the design by the accredited SDA assessor who will confirm that if the property is built as per the certified design that the property can be registered as an SDA property with the NDIA.

Energy Efficiency reports

Building energy efficient homes is another key element to ensuring long term tenants as well as meeting state legislation. A star rating will be given to the property during the design stage.


Bushfire reports

Where required our local consultants will prepare bush fire reports. We take extra care and attention to this matter to ensure our most vulnerable tenants are safe.

Building Surveying

Accredited building surveying professionals will assess and monitor inspections to ensure all relevant building standards are met.

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Fire Systems

A highly recommended feature in SDA housing is the use of fire sprinklers. The fire system engineers will also check that layouts are not only meeting standards but be practical for the tenants needs.

Council Permits

Unify Design will manage all correspondence with councils and ensure standards and planning scheme requirements are met.


Water Authority permits

Unify Design will manage all correspondence with water authorities and ensure standards and requirements are met.

Tender process

Unify Design will take control of selecting the right builder for your project ensuring they have the skills and experience to complete these complex builds.

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Builder management & support

We understand that building accessible houses is new to most builders and we have already worked with many who have been supported by Unify Design to deliver SDA Housing and get it right from the start. Communication is the key to a smooth project.

NDIS Housing Provider selection

All SDA Properties must be managed by a Registered NDIS Service Provider of SDA Housing. Unify Designs sister company Unify SDA Housing will register our properties in Tasmania whilst we will work with other reputable service providers throughout the rest of the country. The service provider will be the link to register the property and manage the tenancy and on going maintenance.

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SDA Assessment - As Built Certification

An as built assessment is undertaken by the Accredited SDA Assessor. This is a very important step in the process and with Unify Design working closely with the builders you can expect a certified dwelling ready to be enrolled by the NDIA SDA service provider.

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